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Survicate has been around since 2013. They run all-in-one customer insights platform with over 50,000 answers collected per day. Survicate enables modern businesses such as Atlassian, Pipedrive, and Harvard University to act in an agile, customer-focused way.


Survicate enables businesses to run in-depth customer research and gather game-changing insights. Until recently it enabled feedback gathering from customers visiting websites and web apps. It also allowed users to send e-mail surveys but did not support mobile apps.

Survicate created mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) to enable companies running native mobile apps (iOS and Android) gathering actionable feedback from their users without redirecting them out of the mobile apps. Thanks to the SDK any company can implement Survicate platform with minimal programming effort.


Android / iOS / Specification


Our cooperation began with an analysis phase which consisted of two workshops. The first one regarded setting up priorities. Along with Survicate team, we've chosen the most important features from the mobile apps owners perspective.

Once priorities were set we moved on to a technical workshop. Our goal was to integrate Mobile App Surveys SDK with Survicate API in a way that would require only minimal modifications in the API and expand the SDK architecture thus enabling further feature additions in the mobile app.

All the previous steps allowed us to design the architecture. We began with outlining the developer API and writing down how the targeting engine, that tracks user actions and based on set rules decides if the survey is to be displayed, should work.

All that was left was to code the SDK ;) which was also an interesting experience for us. In case of this particular project we tried to avoid using libraries and frameworks. For example, when creating the Android app we didn't use our favourite Kotlin but utilised pure Java instead to avoid burdening the code with dependencies and avert implementation difficulties.



The result of our work is Survicate Mobile App Surveys SDK which enables insight collection directly from users of any given mobile application without redirecting them out of the app. Thanks to that, companies providing mobile apps can implement a mobile version of the Survicate platform just by copy-pasting a few lines of code. Surveys match app's graphic design and thanks to a CMS panel product managers and marketers can set targeting flow, events and rules as they please. Survicate will display surveys according to those settings.

Survicate Mobile SDK enables its users to find out more about their users thus prioritize a product roadmap easier, adapt, and improve their applications, as well as maximize their positive reviews by locating promoters and directing them to the app store. They can quickly catch negative responses before they appear in app store’s reviews and discover which aspects require improvement.

We clicked at our very first meeting. Survicate put their trust in our knowledge of mobile technologies. That is why we continue to improve the Mobile Surveys SDK together. Who knows, maybe thanks to mobile-specific features we'll even overgrow the original web platform?

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