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Talkman — Freedom to Talk ® is an innovative product that has been designed to utilise unique Apple iPad capabilities. By combining an online language course with a real teacher (a native speaker) and a ultra-modern tool, we give you more than you could ever expect.

This intuitive, flexible application helps you learn what you really need, when you want, and how you want. You no longer have to listen to CDs, MP3 files, log into a complex e-learning platform or spend hours reading books and dictionaries. Just take your iPad and everything is there.

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Now you can really see, hear, and understand. You will learn what to say in everyday situations. This time you will ask frequently used questions. You will discover the amazing opportunities that will make your motivation to learn greater than ever before.

What is more, we have developed a convenient distribution system for manuals and exercise books. They are sent directly to students' iPads. Thanks to this solution, book updates, audiovisual materials, and exercises run very smoothly and do not require to be updated in the AppStore.

The teaching method and software application options are widely described on the website of the language school that utilises them —

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